Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spa Sauna Direct Coupon Code 2012

Spa Sauna direct from the distributor/manufacturer.  You can also get the lowest prices online for QCA Spas, infrared saunas and above ground pools and accessories at

For normal online purchases, there is a $2 handling fee, but if you use the coupon code NOHANDLING, then the $2 will be deducted so that you have free handling at Spa Sauna Direct.   Coupon code is good for all of 2012.

Alternatively, there is no handling fee at the Hot Tub Outpost and the prices are great on factory original spa parts and accessories.

Sometimes discount codes are posted on home page during a special sale event, or on the SpaSaunaDirect facebook page. For discount hot tub parts  and supplies visit

Enjoy your QCA Spas accessories, chemicals, hot tub covers or above ground pool accessories.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Tub Healing from Muscle Aches to Arthritis Relief

Hot Tub Healing

Hot tubs are great fun and a place to regroup with family and friends. But hot tubs are also a great way to take care of mind, body and spirit by relaxing sore muscles and relieving pain.
A recent article about hot water healing in WebMD says that soaking in warm water can relieve arthritis pain among other benefits.

Public hot tubs are limited to the amount of jets they can have due to strict regulations, but private hot tubs can benefit from greater clusters of massage jets to focus on specific areas of the body. With multiple massage fingers soothing sore muscles, the healing effect is much greater than the benefits of soaking in hot water alone. The combined muscle manipulation by the water jets and the benefits of hot water help create a sense of well-being and reduce stress.

Hot tubs are much more than just for fun, they are healing devices that can help us feel better and avoid multiple trips to the chiropractor or massage therapist.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

QCA Spas Hot Tubs for 2011

Dream Star at

The QCA Spas ecommerce site has just been completely refurbished and the new deals on QCA Spas factory direct hot tubs are online and live. Special deals are available to subscribers of this blog as well as the Hot Tub Outpost facebook page for additional savings.

New coupon codes to be posted on this blog as they become available for special offers and discounts.

Get factory direct discount QCA Spas at

Some of the most popular models include the budget Dream Star and Mystic models as well as some of the new lounger models in the line up including the luxurious Coral+3 and huge Moonstone+3 Party Spa.

QCA Spas has been in business since 1966 and supplies quality hot tubs worldwide. Get the best prices and factory direct delivery from the Hot Tub Outpost ecommerce store and get complete factory support on your hot tub spa purchase.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enjoy your hot tub before Judgement Day, Sat. May 21 8pm EST

Over the ages, it is truly remarkable foresight to pinpoint the end of the Earth to the hour! It may have been more productive to have envisioned the correct lotto numbers! But then there are those that look at the spa half full and those that look at the spa half empty.

I am generally a positive person, so if the spa is half full, it just needs to be topped up to enjoy again! (just balance pH and maintain sanitizer)

With all the recent chatter on Judgement Day (I only found out about it last week, but evidently it has been common knowledge for centuries), a little more advanced warning could have had me enjoying a spa on a cruise ship.

Certainly this would be a great time to buy a spa, and defer payments until Monday, May 23! However you decide to spend Judgement Day this weekend (kind of reminds me of Earth Hour), hopefully you will find time to relax in your hot tub and ponder what you are thankful for - just in case :)

Happy Judgement Day from Mark

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discount Hot Tubs Factory Direct

The best way to buy a discount hot tub is directly from the manufacturer. Preferrably a manufacturer that has been in business for over 20 and even better over 30 or 40 years. A company that has withstood the test of time, growing and updating spas based on customer feedback and that supports their products.

One particular spa currently $500 off is the Venus model, a 30 jet spa by QCA Spas including a maintenance free PVC cabinet, advanced electronics, a 4HP hi-flo 2 speed water pump, quality Lucite acrylic and a quality hard cover. During the SpaSaunaDirect spring sale, the unit is only $2,999 complete.

This hot tub discount also includes free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. Spa Sauna Direct even ships internationally.

The best part of buying a factory direct spa is that you are dealing with people that understand the product best and can offer help with everything from where to setup the spa to what accessories would suit a particular hot tubber best!

Visit for factory direct deals on hot tubs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

National Water Safety Month is May, 2011

As the Spring approaches, water safety is once again on the minds of swimmers. With all of the health benefits offered by spas and pools, it is essential to keep the enjoyment of family and friends safe through awareness campaigns such as National Water Safety Month.

Visit for your summer pool supplies and accessories needs.

Some safety issues related to family use of pools and spas are:
Require Adult Supervision
Even brief periods of unsupervised activities when kids are involved may
be a recipe for disaster. When the pool is open, it is imperative that an adult is available for the entire duration of the swim, to keep an eye on all minors. NEVER leave children alone or unattended while they are swimming, not even for a few seconds.
Regarding kids and pools, even if they are good swimmers, accidents can happen, and with an attentive adult nearby to react, more severe injuries can be prevented. It is tempting for adults to get wrapped up in conversation and even though they are present, they may become distracted. It is a good practice to assign an adult pool duty and possibly rotate the duty among several adults.

Layers of protection can help safeguard pools when not in use. Putting up barriers, fences, alarms, self-closing and latching gates, safety covers and even video cameras or an outside phone can help increase the safety infrastructure.

All pools and spas should have proper fitting drain covers. If you see that one is missing, do not allow anyone to use the pool or spa until it is fixed to avoid any hair entrapment issues.

When around bodies of water, it is also a good idea for adults to be familiar with CPR. Courses are available in most locations by the Red Cross or even fire department personnel.

Having a phone outside is also a good idea. Rescue equipment such as a float or ring buoy with an attached rope can also help in an emergency.

Taking safety precautions will help the summer swimming season to be a safe one for all.

Visit for more details.

Discount Factory Direct Hot Tub Spas

Discount Factory Direct Hot Tub Spas

Spring Sale on factory direct U.S. made hot tubs at

Deep discounts on factory direct spas available online. Why pay more for a quality hot tub proudly made in the U.S.A.!